French conjugation chart

A blue print to conjugate in French

Instantly learn how to conjugate in 7 different tenses in French with this conjugation chart.

Did you know there are over 350 regular verbs in French that are all conjugated the exact same way?

Which means that if you simply know how a verb should end, you are able to speak fluently in that specific tense. This article and poster helps you to learn exactly this in a simple way by providing you with all ending of the most common spoken tenses of the French language.

The Basics: What do you need to know before you can start conjugating in French?

Pronouns in French:

Je / j’Nous
il, elle, onIls, elles

3 different endings

All French verbs can only end 1 of 3 ways:




Stem of the verb

To be able to conjugate you need to be able to create the stem of the verb. To create the stem of the verb you simply take off the last two letters (which will always be 1 of the 3 options listed above. The stem of the French verb “Advenir” for example is “Adven“. The stem of the verb “Voyager” is “Voyag

Present tense in French

-ER verb-IR verb-RE verb
je stem + eje stem + isje stem + s
tu stem + estu stem + isje stem + s
il stem + eil stem + itil stem +
nous stem + onsnous stem + issonsnous stem + ons
vous stem + ezvous stem + issezvous stem + ez
ils stem + entils stem + issentils stem + ent
French present conjugation chart

Past tense in French

-ER verb-IR verb-RE verb
je stem aije stem + isje stem + is
tu stem + astu stem + isje stem + is
il stem + ail stem + itil stem + it
nous stem âmesnous stem + îmesnous stem + îmes
vous stem âtes vous stem + îtesvous stem + îtes
ils stem èrentils stem + irentils stem + irent
French past conjugation chart

Future tense in French

-ER verb-IR verb-RE verb
je stem eraije stem iraije stem rai
tu stem erastu stem irastu stem ras
il stem erail stem irail stem ra
nous stem eronsnous stem ironsnous stem rons
vous stem erezvous stem irezvous stem rez
ils stem erontils stem irontils stem ront
French future conjugation chart

Imperfect tense in French

-ER verb-IR verb-RE verb
je stem aisje stem + (iss)aisje stem ai
tu stem aistu stem + (iss)aistu stem ais
il stem aitil stem + (iss)aitil stem ait
nous stem + ionsnous stem (iss)ionsnous stem + ions
vous stem iezvous stem + (iss)iezvous stem iez
ils stem aient ils stem + (iss)aientils stem aient
French imperfect conjugation chart

There are over 350 regular verbs in French.

Start practicing with these:

Common regular French -ER verbs

Aimer (love, like)

Ajouter (add)

Appeler (call, name)

Arriver (arrive)




Donner (give)

Entrer (enter)

Étudier (study)

Garder (guard)

Laver (wash)

Penser (think)

Parler (speak)

Passer (pass)

Rouler (roll)

Terminer (end)

Tomber (fall)

Utiliser (use)

Visiter (visit)

Common regular French -IR verbs

Bâtir (build)

Chérir (cherish)

Choisir (choose)

Jouir (enjoy)

Démolir (demolish)

Établir (establish)

Finir (finish)

Périr (die)

Punir (punish)

Unir (unite)

Common regular French -RE verbs

Attendre (wait)

Dépendre (depend)

Entendre (understand)

Perdre (lose)

Rendre (give back)

Répondre (respond)

Rompre (break)

Suspendre (suspend)

Tendre (strain)

Vendre (sell)

Download the poster:

The French language is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. But, like any other language, it can be difficult to learn if you don’t know where to start.

This French conjugation chart is perfect for people who are learning French and are ready to start speaking in different tenses. The goal is to learn how conjugations in French work and to give you a short cut to learn it asap.

To be able to speak French you will need to know the ending of the tenses when it comes to conjugation in French. With this conjugation chart you can take any verb and find out what its endings are for each tense by looking at this chart.